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Bi-Weekly Payment Plans

Today, many homeowners opt to re-pay their mortgage obligations through bi-weekly payment programs. In fact, many mortgage lenders allow homeowners to make the election when the homeowner obtains the financing to purchase a new home.

Boundary Fences and Disputes between Neighbors

Most people hope to live harmoniously with their neighbors. Sometimes, however, disputes arise due to varying lifestyles.

Eminent Domain and the Public Use Doctrine

Eminent domain refers to the power of a government entity to take private property. The power can be used by the federal government in the name of a federal agency or a branch of the military services. A state, county, city, village, or town can also use the power of eminent domain to take private property on its own behalf or on behalf of an agency of a governmental entity. In all cases, the governmental entity may only exercise the power of eminent domain, also called condemnation, if it needs the private property for a public use.

Presentation of and Response to Offers to Buy Real Estate

All offers to buy real estate must be presented to the seller or his agent as soon as possible. That means that as soon as the buyer's offer is made available to the listing agent, that offer must be presented to the seller. The listing agent has no discretion in whether to present an offer to the seller. All offers must be presented, even if the listing agent believes that the seller will not accept the offer.

Title Examinations

Al just found out that the offer he submitted to purchase his dream house was accepted by the seller. Al has begun working out the details of his mortgage loan with his lender. The lender advised him that a title examination is required as a part of the closing process.

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